Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Progressive Run – 9.84 Miles Total

Mile 1 7:09
Mile 2 6:42
Mile 3 6:33
Mile 4 6:14
Mile 5 6:00
Mile 6 5:47
Mile 7 5:28
Mile 8 5:15
Mile 9 5:26 (half mile)

Cool Down

We had a big group this morning. Let’s see if I can get this right. We had Me, Sean, Lu, J.P. Mac, RJ, Mahta, Joe Flores, and Jose Lara. Eight strong guys and we sounded like a thundering herd, errr, maybe more like light-footed gazelles. Good run and I made a tiny improvement upon my time in this workout. But it was a lot easier this time around and I had something left in the tank. I stopped a little early in the last mile as I felt my pace dropping. As soon as I stopped J.P. ran by me. I was a little disappointed as I felt I had enough left in the tank to try and finish it up with J.P. had I known he was still behind me. But no big deal in the grand scheme of things. J.P. has been improving pretty quickly and Luis has been running extremely well. Next time we do this workout I’ll try and finish it up with back to back 5:15s instead of the 5:05. Definitely doable.


JunieB said...

thundering herd? yeah i think not...all of you together probably weigh about 110 lbs :O)

Bill Blancett said...

Ha ha! Bad Junie B!