Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Progressive Run - 8.87 Miles Total

  • Jump Rope - 5 x 20 Each Leg

Progressive Run

Mile 1 7:04
Mile 2 6:55
Mile 3 6:37
Mile 4 6:09
Mile 5 5:59
Mile 6 5:42
Mile 7 5:24
Mile 8 5:15
Mile 9 (1/2 Mile) 5:31
  • Cool Down .37 Miles
  • Gym - Leg Work

Today was a real treat. Three time Olympian Justin Chaston joined us for part of our workout. It was basically Justin, Sean, Luis, JP, Me, and later our Ethiopian friend Mahta. It was a lot of fun especially since I took another step forward in this workout. I was able to hang through Mile 8 and ran a quarter of a mile at 5:15 pace on mile 9 but then blew up and quit at the half mile point. Later on Mahta joined me at the gym as I worked out on my legs and he worked out on his core.

It's so nice to finally be able to see some progress after 6 months of no progress at all. I'm way past due!


Sam said...

What I wouldn't give to have been there for that workout... not much, my friend. You probably got more out of that workout than the running yall did. Completely jealous here.

Bill Blancett said...

It was great. I finally got to put a face to the name on all of those course records I see all the time. I also got to listen in on a few stories as well.