Wednesday, August 11, 2010

6 Mile Tempo + Long Run – 13.61 Miles Total

  • Warm Up

6 Mile Tempo (Goal Pace 5:30)

Mile 1 5:27
Mile 2 5:19
Mile 3 5:22
Mile 4 5:44
Mile 5 6:18
Mile 6 6:21
Total Average Pace 5:46
  • Cool Down

I ran this with Sean, Luis, and Dan. I ended up betting the farm on this workout. I told myself that I was going to really test my fitness here and that’s what I ended up doing. I ran from the front and ended up running out of gas at the 3.5 mark. I ended up running the first 3.5 miles around 5:24 pace. The weather was pretty difficult as it was extremely humid. I believe I lost a good amount of water even before we started the tempo. With all that said, I’m happy with the workout and I know I’ll do better next time. The other guys did extremely well and left me in dust. After the workout and the rest of the mileage I was worn down to a nub and I was left in a catatonic state for a while.

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