Saturday, June 5, 2010

Long Run Fail – 5.8 Miles

In the morning I attended the Heights 5k. I usually race this every year but this year I’m not in the proper form so I decided to get my son in the kid’s 1k. I have to say he did pretty well for his 1st race. Before the race I gave him some tips. The main one was not to start out too hard. He wasn’t hearing that so I told him to just go out and have fun. When the race started he started out quick but actually I think he held back a little. He was still hitting about 7 minute pace though. About a quarter into the race he started to feel it and veer a little bit. I told him he could stop and walk but he wasn’t having any of that. At that point he was at 12 minute pace. Eventually we started nearing the end, and he picked out some older girls to chase after and he ended up finishing the last quarter of the race at 6:20 pace. Needless to say I was proud. He’s hooked. He ran the race at 9 minute pace. Not bad for a 5 year old.

Ryan Smith won the overall male and Katrina Price ended up winning overall female. I had a good time although it was extremely humid.

Long Run – I made an attempt to do this but had to abort. My knees tightened up big time and so I had to abort after the second loop. I ran both loops at 6:55 pace.

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