Tuesday, June 15, 2010

6 Mile Tempo – 8.42 Miles Total

  • Jump Rope 5 sets 20 each leg
  • Warm up
  • 4 Strides

6 Mile Tempo

Goal 5:35 Pace

Mile 1 5:35
Mile 2 5:38
Mile 3 5:38
Mile 4 5:49
Mile 5 5:41
Mile 6 5:33
Total Average Pace: 5:39
  • Cool down

Synopsis  - A great run and I just about needed it. It’s been a long long while since I’ve had any sort of semblance of my former self as far as speed and racing is concerned. While this wasn’t really my greatest tempo run ever for this distance. It does put me in the range of what I used to be able to do (5:30 pace) and gives me some hope moving forward. It was pretty much as hot and humid as all the other days but for some reason my legs were able to hold it together for a lot longer than in previous weeks.

I decided to do some jump rope and I believe this helped warm me up and get me ready. I also decided to cut my warm up from 3 miles to just 1. It’s just way too humid and hot and I sweat too much. I believe this saved me some energy. During the run I remained relaxed, maybe a bit too relaxed for mile 4, but relaxed nonetheless. This run gives me some well needed confidence and hope going forward.

By the way, today is my birthday and I think I gave myself a nice little gift.


runperryrun said...

Good workout 6 miles at 5:30's is tough to do....keep riding the wave and you'll get er down to 5:20's soon enough!

Kram511 said...
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Kram511 said...

Happy Birthday Bill!

I live in Jersey and while I'm sure it's hotter down there my runs are always exponentially worse when it gets hotter than usual here.

I can definitely sympathize with how you're feeling but just take it easy and get through and you'll do great.

Junie B said...

I hope you've learned your lesson about whining how cold it was, and hopefully will be again here... :)

I never understand why people complain so much about how 'cold' it gets...when in reality, its NOT THAT cold :)


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does that mean i win something? :)

Bill Blancett said...

Thanks Mark and Perry for the kind words.

It's not the comfort aspect of the weather that bothers me. It's the inability to train fast and get faster in these conditions that bother me. On the one hand you have rapid dehydration and on the other hand you have the inability to warm up and have bundles of clothes on.

That my dear is THE frustration