Saturday, February 13, 2010

Long Run 11.6 Miles

Mile 17:22
Mile 26:50
Mile 36:56
Mile 46:59
Mile 57:05
Mile 66:51
Mile 76:33
Mile 86:39
Mile 96:38
Mile 107:04
Mile 117:26
Mile 127:05
Total Average Pace:6:58

It's time. It's time to start recharging my batteries. It has become clear to me after this run that I need to take some time off. Between the hamstrings and more importantly the foot issues, my legs need the rest. I might have to take a hit at the Conoco Rodeo Run though. I already purchased the entry, for fear of it selling out. So I'll probably have take a hit in the near future in hopes of making some gains down line. I'm due for some rest anyway. After all, I've done a marathon, a 5k, and before that I had been training hard core for the marathon. So once again, it may not necessarily be a bad thing.

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