Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Attempted 6 Mile Tempo 9 Miles Total

I met up with Sean to do this workout. The objective was to attempt to do 6 miles at sub 5:20 pace. To be honest, I had very little faith that I could complete this workout. My legs have been pretty dead since before the 3 mile time trial so I had a negative mindset from the outset. I struggled mentally even before the physical hurt started kicking in. Actually the hurt never really kicked in. I stopped right before it started. Mentally I just didn't want to go to that place today. If I hadn't had such a long streak of good workouts I probably would have finished this one out since it's just my style. But I told myself I'll give a good solid effort next week. This is a lesson I'm starting to learn after the years. I'm starting to know when to push and when to bag it. To tell you the truth, these days I'll probably save the extra effort for when I'm gutting it out in a tough race. I trust myself. I trust that when the time comes and pain is around the corner in a crucial time I will answer the bell. I don't have to prove this every single time in every single workout. Well I digressed a bit much. Here are the splits of the attempted 6 mile tempo I cut to 4 miles.

5:18, 5:18, 5:16, 5:21

(5:19 average)

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