Friday, September 30, 2011

11 Year Old Football Player Taken Out Of Game For Scoring Too Much

I have my own feelings about this. What are yours? Basically this 11 year kid is so physically gifted that he is almost guaranteed to score a touchdown every time he touches the ball. So basically the league has adjusted by not allowing him to get the ball once he scores 3 times and they are up by 14 points. Is this fair to the kid? Does this cause the kid to become embarrassed of his own talent that he limits his own effort so he can just sort of blend in? Trust me, I have known kids that have become so embarrassed by their own talent that you would have never even known it was there. On the one hand we tell kids to go out there and give their best and on the other hand we tell some to tone it down for the good of the team. I would hate for this kid to grow up and have the appearance of someone with great talent but never performing to the best of their abilities, or worse, given the label of a lazy player.


Danny said...

Make him play up. great for self esteem, progression, etc. Making him do anything else is a detriment to the child.

Sam said...

I vote with Danny. Play the kid at a higher level. If not, then it just becomes a bigger challenge for the other team to stop the kid. We all know what it does to play sports with someone who is better than you...a rising tide raises all ships.

Makes me sick when there are these leagues of sports that seem to be geared towards the idea that it's bad to think someone is untalented, it's bad for someone to be too talented, but it's ok if we are all mediocre and just "have fun". Really? Where's the fun in that?

So, in that spirit, Bill. Please start skipping 2-3 days a week of running before your next 5k. And you're only allowed to pass one person per race. If you aren't winning, but start to catch the leader in a race, please think about that person and how it would feel to be passed with half a mile to go. Then hang back and just encourage him while you slow down and run behind him...give someone else a chance to win. Thanks. Your fellow running community. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't know about playing a kid at a higher level in a sport like football. He seems to be outrunning the competition, not plowing thru them. Playing with older, bigger players may injure him. Heck, he should just run track, it's a better sport.

Other things can be learned when not scoring. Like blocking, defense, etc. My kid's soccer league has a 3 goal limit... after that they focus on passing- i've seen that have a positive effect on the best players.

Let's face it, mercy is a part of sports too. We like to enter races that are competitive. I'm sure maybe Bill doesn't enter a race where he knows there will be no competition. Just like national elites don't mess with local races even in their hometown.

There are national stories every year about teams running up the score on inferior competition. Locally, the Yates basketball team has come under scrutiny for pressing even though they have a 100pt lead.

Every weekend I see NFL and college football teams deciding not to score when the games decided- as a courtesy.

Like Tennis great Chris Evert said "Be nice on your way up, cause on the way down everybody will be waiting for you."


Lauren said...

Hey Bill,

Love your blog! I came across it while doing a little research for my clients at MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center. We have a former patient, a lung cancer survivor, who will be running this weekend in the Houston Half. He really has an incredible story that I think may be of interest to your readers. I'd love to share with you if you don't mind me emailing you?


Pony and Petey said...

Just saw this...

At first I thought what Danny him at a higher level.

Then my next thought was what Peter said, "what if he gets tackled by a big guy who crushes his spine?!"

I hate the thought of restricting him from doing his best. I know what that feels like...unfair...makes you want to give up or at least not bother trying to do your best.

Whew...I have no answers...what do you think, Bill? Do you like Sam's recommendations?

= ))