Tuesday, September 20, 2011

6 x 1 Mile (9 Miles Total)

So I went through the week thinking we were going to do 6 x 1 mile with "2" minutes rest. I was pretty amped up because I would be testing my strength and getting a chance to do some quicker pace work. So Sean and I did the workout. The first 3 reps were not difficult but it wasn't comfortable either. Sean and I took turns leading during each rep and it did help that mentally I could fall asleep for a while sitting behind him. The 5th rep was the hardest as I had to lead while being a bit fatigued but we still hit our times. By the 6th rep we were mentally released of any thoughts of future reps so we picked up the pace a little bit. By the end I came to find out that we only had "1" minute rest. During the workout I did think the rest was kind of short but I didn't dwell on it since I was saving all of my energy for the next rep. But Sean and I laughed about it and I told him that I thinking the recovery was 2 minutes definitely made the workout seem less daunting. Whatever you have to do to get you through workout! Here is how the workout turned out.

Goal 5:10 each mile
6 x 1 Mile, 60 secs recovery
5:06, 5:04, 5:05, 5:03, 5:07, 4:59

This will probably be my last workout for quite a while. Things are going to be picking up pretty soon as October will have quite a few races. So it is very likely that my next post will be a race report. So until then I hope your training is going well!


JunieB said...

Is it weird that I want to go running after I read your workouts? And is it even weirder that I love reading about your training, how well its going and your banter with SW?

I feel like I know a few of the big timers!

Cant wait to watch you in October!!

Bill Blancett said...


Your comments are extremely flattering and keep me motivated to post even when I don't believe what I'm doing is post worthy. I appreciate the interest!

I also will be looking forward to hear about your Chicago Marathon coming up pretty soon. You are extremely dedicated and I hope you meet or exceed the goals you have set for yourself.