Tuesday, August 23, 2011

9 Mile Progressive Run (10 Total Miles)

This ended up being a solo effort. I was hoping I could run this workout with a few guys as it is one of the tougher workouts. But I ended up doing this solo.

6:59, 6:43, 6:17, 6:12, 6:00, 5:45, 5:32, 5:20, 5:01

1 mile cool down 8:57 pace

This was an extremely tough workout. I was doing ok until I had to hit 5:15 pace and quicker. That's when I had to really work. This is probably because I have not been doing any workouts quicker than 5:25 pace in a long long time. Hopefully this and other quicker workouts can get me in decent racing shape (5:00 minute pace and under). I was huffing and puffing after the last mile more than I can remember in a long long time.

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