Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The 3 Different Running Energy Systems

I found this interesting article about the different energy systems. I became interested in the different energy systems concept when I kept hearing different people talking about doing different types of training depending on whatever types of energy system they were trying to strenghten. Basically these energy systems are divided into 3 different ways to produce ATP.

  • Fast sprints - 100-200m (3-4 minutes recovery)

  • Middle sprints - 400-800m (2x ratio, so if you sprinted for 60 secs you get 2 minute recovery)

  • Long distance - anything above middle sprints (just run a tempo or an easy run)
The above statements are an oversimplification of the article so I would recommend reading the article if this stuff interests you. I must warn you it can get a little scientific for those of you that shy away from this sort of thing.

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