Monday, April 4, 2011

Ran Into John Salley Today at Lunch

For those unaware, Salley was nicknamed The Spider. He was known for his defense and great sense of humor. He was on the great Detroit Pistons teams of the late 80's early 90's that used to give Michael Jordan fits. Here he was during lunch shopping at Whole Foods. Currently he is a TV and radio personality. He was gracious enough to take a picture with yours truly. He is obviously down here for the NCAA Championship game.

Kind of reminds me of my Hakeem "The Dream" Olajuwon sighting a while back.The Dream


Steeeve said...

Spider and Worm and Microwave coming off the bench for The Bad Boys was friggin awesome. Being a lifelong Detroit professional sports fanatic is a tough road to hoe, but we've had our moments.

Bill Blancett said...

That was a great team that had a lot of talent but everyone accepted their role. Guys like Zeke, Dumars (my high school coach coached him in college), Aguirre, Buddha. Zeke was my first favorite player in the NBA, although Mike eventually became my all time fav.