Saturday, April 23, 2011

Conn's Green 6.2 (10k) 32:41 (2nd Overall)

I decided to go out for this race because there was a bike on the line. I didn't think there would be any other threats out there but I was wrong. Sesar showed up and so it ended up as a race for second. A high schooler Carlos Arias ran real well for the first 3 miles and then faded a bit. He's got heart. I sort of cruised right along and treated it as a workout. Normally this would be considered my PR but there is some question about the course length. Even though it was a certified course my Garmin and others read it as short. I asked Sesar and he didn't have it as being short. He ended up running 30:3x something. It's just him and then everyone else.

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Anonymous said...

It was short. The turn around before the finish was cut short because of construction that should have been finished before the race. It is too bad organizers couldn't figure out how to make up the distance because it is nice to have a 10k that is on a neighborhood course.