Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Running the TXU Energy Turkey Trot

image It's official. I just picked up my bib from Luke's Locker. I'm really excited about running this race. This is one of the races that I always happen to miss for some reason or other. Well there are no excuses now. I also have been warned. Several people have told me that it is a very packed raced so I need to get there early. Now I'm not looking to run a blazing(blazing can be a relative term) time or anything because it just isn't going to happen. I've been putting in too many miles training for the marathon for that too happen. So this will be my workout for the week, which will be good because I haven't done a workout in probably a month. We'll see how it goes.

In addition the TXU Turkey trot there are at least 3 other races in the Houston area.

So it looks to be a pretty busy Thanksgiving day for runners with plenty of choices to choose from. To all my running buddies, I'll see you there(...and good luck). If I don't know you, come chat me up(I love to talk about running).


Day Dreamer said...

Great to see you out there yesterday. You ran pretty well for a workout. :)

Keep up the good work bud. See you on the roads, or Saturday, if you're gonna be out at Kenyan Way in the morning. I've got 17 planned myself, so I'm probably not going as far as you are.

Bill said...


I will definitely be out there at Kenyan Way. I have to put in 22 Saturday, so I think we'll have some fun.