Monday, November 3, 2008

My sis is making us proud

I'd like to give big props to my sister. She has always been fast and recently she has started to excel even more. She excited me earlier this year when my dad sent me this video of her kicking it in at this 1500m race. It has a VERY exciting finish at the end, and I'm not being partial :)

(My sister is the brown toned runner in the blue)

Then she started to earn some conference accolades.


Now this past weekend she placed 2nd overall in the CAA Cross Country Championship.


She ran a 21:17 6k on a cross country course which equates to about a 5:42 pace/mile. She is definitely coming in to her own and I am giving her lots of love for her efforts!


John Yoder said...

Wow! Amazing video! Just when you think she is totally out of it she comes out of no where to win. Guess it doesn't matter what place you run in during the race, it only matters where you're at at the finish.

You've got to be so proud!!!!

Bill said...


Yes I'm pretty proud. I just watched the race again and every time I watch the race my eyes tells me she isn't going to win. It reminds me of the '72 Dave Wottle Olympmic 800 meter race.

Pony and Petey said...

Well, THAT really got my heart rate up!!

Sure is neat when our siblings do well and we can be proud = )