Monday, November 3, 2008

The 2008 Houston Half

On Sunday October 26th a couple thousand people came to run/race the Houston half marathon. The course was simple, 3 four mile and some change loops around Allen Parkway. I had a blast at the race and left the race with an appreciation of how fun this race can be. I think I'll be doing more longer distance races in the future because it can only help my running overall. Well anyway to recap the weekend, I ran a 1:19. I'm pretty happy with the time considering I didn't taper for the race and had put in my most mileage ever during the week. Heck, I'll take that time period. I was not only a runner but a spectator as well as I noticed a lot fast guys lined up at the front early: Sean Wade, Luis Armenteros, Alex Moore, Colin Wolfe, Ray Martinez, Gabe Rodriguez, Brett Riley and on and on... Some of these guys I know and see around often while others I don't know and only show up at the bigger races. A few of the faster guys even lined up for a group photo.


Sean Wade ended up winning the race in a nice 1:08. image

Luis Armenteros followed close behind at 1:09. image

There was a little bit of separation between 2nd and 3rd as Colin Carroll finished with a 1:11 and some change.


And here I am plodding along.


I look forward to doing more distance in the future as I prepare for the Houston marathon. Oh yeah, many thanks to: wifey and son, John Yoder, Pony Peterson, Tuan Nguyen, Andrew Keller, and Chip Maxa for cheering me on. I definitely didn't want any of you to see me hurting!


Steeeve said...


If you were a record on Billboard's Top 100 you'd be rising with a bullet. Keep up the great training and racing!

Bill said...

Gee thanks Steve, Do you think I could put you in my pocket and take you with me? Thanks for the motivation.