Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kenyan Way Long Run 13.7 Miles

The run started out with Me, Luis, J.P., Andrew, and Jenna. Carlos was too busy winning the Lunar Rendezvous Run to run with us. We started out slow then the real pow wow session started. Andrew and Jenna hung for a mile and then decided the pace was a bit rich and then dropped off to a more reasonable pace. I'd like to call the pace we ran this week suicide pace since we were running pretty hard in nice humid, soupy conditions. Luis, J.P., and I hung together for the bulk of the run and I finished my miles with it looking a little something like this:

8:11, 7:31, 6:40, 5:53, 5:43, 5:43, 5:47, 5:47, 5:46, 6:00, 5:46, 6:49, 7:30, 6:53 for .7 miles
Total Average Pace: 6:25

The middle miles were a lot more intense than last week's long run but we only ended up running 8 quality miles as opposed to 10 last week. It doesn't matter because this run felt a lot harder. I was able to hang on and hold my own though, so I was pleased. Next week should be even more intense as Lu want's to do 15 miles at the same or higher volume and intensity. Lu was a beast during this run as he pushed the pace and I didn't want to antagonize but every time I tried to run along side him he would push harder. Boy am I a glutton for punishment. Great run and I feel it was another physical and mental break through for me. Next week will probably be the last hard long run before we start workouts. This should be very interesting!

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