Friday, July 8, 2011

How to Structure Workouts Around Important Races To Get Peak Performance

This information may be something that you may already familiar with but it is brand spanking new to me and explains the reason why sometimes I complete these great workouts but I'm unable to even run the same pace over equivalent distances come race time. For example this paragraph makes complete sense to me:

"The goal of each type of workout is to stress a particular physiological system and produce an adaptation that ultimately allows you to run faster. For example, and in admittedly simplified terms, V02 max intervals, such as kilometer repeats at 5K race pace, improve your heart's ability to deliver oxygen to muscles. Tempo runs increase your capacity to process and clear lactate. Short, fast repetitions enable you to run fast yet relaxed by decreasing overall energy expenditure and improving communication between working muscles and the brain. Long runs encourage capillary and mitochondria growth. Over time, these changes produce faster races."
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