Friday, December 5, 2008

Sister wins the Footlocker South race

image_thumb I told you about Janel, my sister, and how we are so proud of her. Well, she did it again. She ran a 17:12! A week earlier she competed in the NCAA regionals and missed going to the NCAA cross country championships by three places! Here is a little background on my sister. Back in high school she was pretty fast. One of her goals was to get a scholarship to Georgia Tech. Unfortunately they decided go with some other girls. Fast forward 3 years later. She competes in the NCAA regionals and becomes the first Georgian in the regionals. Faster than any other female Georgia school college runner. The best way to prove someone wrong is to go out and PROVE IT. She was a little down that she missed the NCAA Cross Country Championships by such a small margin but she still has an opportunity next year and she seems to be getting stronger.

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