Friday, October 24, 2008

First Overall by Coming in Second Overall

Early in the morning last Saturday I decided to run the Energy Capital Run 5k. Physically I would say that I was not prepared to race. After all I have been running more miles in the recent weeks than I ever have. I was also running 7 days per week and I certainly didn't take any time off for this race because this was such a last minute decision. The race was right around the corner from my house so I decided what the heck, go for it. I got to the race got ready and I noticed Gerardo Mora and Jose Lara. The race was pretty small which was very welcome considering I ran a race with almost 30,000 people a few weeks before. Well, anyway the weather conditions were perfect and I ran a 16:15 which was about 17 seconds behind Jose who ran a 15:58. Gerardo ran pretty well and finished with a 16:51. There was another good masters runner, Alan Mutt who finished with 17:2x. So anyway I had a great race and I got to meet Jose who seemed to be a pretty cool guy. The interesting part about this race was when they announced the winner. I was standing around as a bystander and all of a sudden they announced my time...and then my name...and then me as the first place finisher. GEESH, I was a little confused, then I figured Jose bandited the race, but then Jose told me he didn't, he just lost his chip but he did have a bib. Anyway they straightened everything out I believe. I told my wife that I offered to give my award to Jose, and she said "Why... you won that race fair and square!"


Pony and Petey said...


Congrats on the 16:15 and YAY for the rest of us that you've started a blog = ))

Did you hear me cheering for ya today???

Bill said...

Pony Pony, so that was you? The mystery is now solved!

john yoder~ said...

Great to see you are blogging! Now I can check up on your training to see just exactly why you've gotten so blasted fast!

Keep up the great work!